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Introducing 4 Unique Hanukkah-Themed Virtual Race Event Challenges...

Run or Walk From 1K or up to 64K in 8 Days!

4 new virtual Hanukkah Races...and you don’t have to be Jewish to run or walk these events!

There truly is an event distance for everyone - regardless of age or ability!

About the Hanukkah Challenge, Hanukkah 5K, Hanukkah 8, and Hanukkah “Super 8” Challenge...

The ‘Hanukkah Challenge’ is a unique virtual event - or rather 8 days of unique virtual events. Everyone who registers will receive a beautiful stand-up menorah medal and candles just like the one shown below. It is one of the most unique medals ever offered and one every runner or walker will want to add to their collection! You can actually light the candles - 1 candle for each night of Hanukkah! Registrants also receive the beautiful and practical imprinted buff shown being worn as a scarf in the image below. The Hanukkah Challenge buff can also be worn as a face covering or neck gaiter, headband, hat, as well as many other ways.

Event participants will complete the challenge by walking or running 1 km each day for 8 days. After each 1K is completed, one of the candles provided with the race kit can be placed in the menorah and lit. By the end of the eighth day, all eight candles in the menorah will be lit!

This virtual event will be especially fun for children!

The ‘Hanukkah 5K’ is an event for those who prefer to run or walk the traditional 5 km distance. Participants in the “Hanukkah 5K’ will receive the beautiful and unique menorah medal (as shown below), all candles, and the Hanukkah buff.

The ‘Hanukkah 8’ is a single 8K virtual race event. Participants in the “Hanukkah 8’ will also receive the beautiful menorah medal (see below) along with all of the candles, and the buff.

The ‘Hanukkah Super 8K Challenge’ is for those runners or walkers looking for a more challenging virtual experience. To successfully complete this event, participants must run or walk an 8K Every Day For 8 Days! Those who accept this challenge will be rewarded with a beautiful Star of David ring - like the one shown at right - to wear to your Hanukkah dinner or just to show off your accomplishments to your family and friends!

Now you can do a 1K, or 1K every day for 8 days, a 5K or an 8K, or an 8K every day for 8 days!

So many great choices - so many ways to celebrate the season!

For your convenience you can now register through the Running Room or on Race Roster. Just click the button below for whichever way you prefer to register.