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VR PRO Marketplace

Welcome to the VR PRO Marketplace!

VR PRO is teaming up with several companies to be able to offer you new and exciting products in the running, walking, health & fitness markets, as well as some special offers and discounts direct from the manufacturers.

Please check back regularly to see available from VR PRO and their partners.

Scroll down now to learn more about the new products from Rapid Dose Therapeutics...QuickStrip™ Energy Boost, Vitamin B12, and Melatonin.


Participants to receive QuickStrip™

VR PRO Excited to Introduce QuickStrip™

Participants in many upcoming VR PRO events will receive samples of exciting new QuickStrip™ products from Rapid Dose Therapeutics.

Several of the QuickStrip™ products may soon be available for purchase directly from VR PRO through this web site.

Until then, visit the Rapid Dose Therapeutics web site for more information about the science behind their products and where to purchase.


Energy Boost

The QuickStrip™ Energy rapidly delivers energizing caffeine to keep you alert and focused.

Vitamin B12

QuickStrip™ B12 rapidly delivers vitamin B12 to your system, assisting with metabolism and physical energy.


QuickStrip™ Sleep rapidly delivers melatonin to your system, inducing natural and healthy sleep — refreshing body and mind.